fusionTrack 250

Real-time  high-speed 120 Hz and low latency 4 ms
High-precision  90 μm RMS up to 1.4 m
Ethernet connection  for both data and power (PoE+)
Open system  complete access to images and data
Active and passive markers  tracked simultaneously

The fusionTrack 250 is a passive and active, real-time optical pose-tracking system specially designed to detect and track reflective spheres, disks and IR-LEDs in real-time video streams. The fusionTrack is composed of two cameras that observe reflective and/or active fiducials (IR LEDs) simultaneously, and it uses triangulation to calculate their locations with unrivalled precision  and with an unparalleled non-interpolated measurement rate of 120 Hz. When several fiducials are affixed to a marker, the system can determine its pose (position and orientation) with 6 degrees of freedom (x,y,z,α,β,γ).

The fusionTrack SDK enables access to data in real-time at different stages of processing, including raw images, individual 3D positions of fiducials (reflective spheres and disks / IR-LEDs) and up to the pose  of markers. The  SDK also provides multi-level fault checking. It allows access to error information in real-time at any processing stage: fiducial occlusion level, stereo de-calibration, marker registration error and more.

The fusionTrack can be customized to fit your requirements (e.g. precision level, acquisition speed, working volume). Moreover, the system is compatible with existing passive image-guided surgical tools that are widely used in the medical field.

Technical Specifications

Size 294 mm x 86 mm x 99 mm
Weight 1.28 kg
Accuracy (1) 0.09 mm RMS up to 1.4 m
0.20 mm RMS up to 2.0 m
0.27 mm RMS up to 2.4 m
0.18 mm 95% CI up to 1.4 m
0.40 mm 95% CI up to 2.0 m
0.54 mm 95% CI up to 2.4 m
Tracking volume Starts at 400 mm
Measurement rate 120 Hz (2)
Latency ~4 ms (3)
Hybrid tracking Reflective spheres / disks, Active wired and wireless
Acquisition Parallel (all fiducials at the same time)
Resolution 2.2 Mp
Max. simultaneous markers (4) Almost unlimited
Max. fiducials per marker 5
Interface Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T (IEEE 802.3ab)
Operating systems Windows / Linux
Mounting 4 x M4 screws
Power requirements Power over Ethernet (PoE+ IEEE 802.3at-2009 type 2): 48V 0.6A 25.5W
Operating temperature 15-25°C
Shock sensor Shock sensor and RTC monitoring device even when not connected
Approvals Electrical safety
IEC 60601-1 ed3.1 (2012-08-20)
Electromagnetic compatibility
IEC 60601-1-2 ed 4.0 (2014)
CB-Report available
Hardware requirements Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz
50 MB (Windows) 30 MB (Unix/Linux) disc space
Window 8.1 (32 and 64 bits supported)
Linux (32 and 64 bits supported), gcc 5.4 or clang 3.8

(1) Based on a single fiducial stepped more than 2000 points throughout the measurement volume at 20°C.
(2) non-interpolated
(3) 3ms image acquisition + ~1ms processing time & data transmission
(4) 16 max recommended to preserve full speed

Due to continuous improvements, Atracsys reserves the right to modify the information or specifications without prior notice.

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